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My little blog…

You are the sum of all the decisions you ever made.

If we stop for a moment and think about the way, that brought us here, our education, our parents, our teachers, all the events and people that had an impact on our lives so far… We can say: I am this.

Would we change some decisions from the past? Of course! I, for example, would have taken a different approach and would have studied probably something completely different. Would I be the same? No. I would have made other decisions and would have ended up on a different life-path.

But nevertheless, am I happy, where I am right now? Would have life presented me other challenges, than the once I had to face? I think not!

In the School of life that we are in, the lessons are carefully sought out and are presented, just when we need it. For us to grow or fail.

But all of this is not the real “me”. I am not the sum of my decisions. What I am is pure space, eternity, abundance and love. And whenever I stood at a crossroad in my life, I took the wrong turn, because it was never the way back to God.

What I think I am, is the sum of all my decisions. And I have to undo them all to arrive at Home.

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