The Miracles of Ho’oponopono


Since the book of Joe Vitale ("Zero Limits") the name Ihaleakale Hew Len (or just Dr. Hew Len) is well known in the wide field of Spirituality. He used a simple method that he learned

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You are the sum of all the decisions you ever made.


If we stop for a moment and think about the way, that brought us here, our education, our parents, our teachers, all the events and people that had an impact on our lives so far...

You are the sum of all the decisions you ever made.2018-12-13T20:04:16+01:00

Spirituality is work – and no-work.


It is quite hard, to define "Spirituality." Meditation can be Spirituality. Yoga, too. Praying, going to church, a walk in nature, you name it. When I approach it, I often say, that Spirituality is the

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Expect Miracles!


Have you ever had a miracle in your life? Many experience the birth of a child as a miracle. But what I'm talking about, are real miracles — unexplainable things, that can happen. And I

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Who do I blame for my misery?


Who do I blame today for my misery? Of course, it's always someone else. Today it's the subway, that was late, my boss had harsh words for me, and of course, the work, in general,

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