“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” – Buddha –

How often have we prayed for help? How often has desperation held it’s grip upon us? How safe do we feel in the knowledge, that Jesus will save us?

Buddhas quote destroys all our hopes of deliverance from someone else – from outside. With this saying, he kills religions and beliefs with one strife of his sharp mind. But he is correct.

We were given the power of free will, we were deluded by the ego, that life on earth can be happy, we are lost, if we don’t take the responsibility in our own hands. AND: we were not only deluded by the ego, but we also agreed to let it do this. Like an evil spider, it trapped us by giving us candy.
And now we are in its cobweb and are unaware of it.

But the ego is an invention by us. We gave it power, and it gave us arguments. We gave it trust, and it gave us a body and an unhappy life.
Life can never be happy here on planet earth.

So let’s walk the path out of this misery by refusing the sweet and persuasive voice of the ego and forgiving ourselves what we have allowed.
Start with yourself. “Who are you really?” – “What was my true nature before I was born?”

The Buddha and I – we share the same power and means: And we will meet on the other side – as ONE.