Big trap, Big trap, … and I stepped into it…

In a conversation with my wife, the phrase “enjoying spirituality” came up. And we agreed somehow both, that we DO enjoy Spirituality. Reading all these books, listen to recorded seminars, watching spiritual content on Youtube. Ahh… It lifts our spirits.

It’s so lovely to hear about stories of enlightenment or listen to a beloved guru speak about the ultimate truth of true Love… and God… and Heaven…😇


To name it: Spirituality is not there to be enjoyed!!!!!
Genuine Spirituality shocks you, arouses you, it pulls the rug from under your feet. A single sentence from a wise man forces you out of your comfort zone. It leaves you confused, maybe angry, maybe depressed upon the vast distance you perceive between you and your teacher. (So much still needs to be done on my way).

But were the severe teachers in school not the best? Didn’t we learn the most of them? We see hundreds of posts on social media with beautiful pictures and brilliant spiritual quotes from all mystics of all ages. And we often comment, by giving a “Like” or a “Heart.” And we add: “Well said!”, or “This is a timeless truth.”
But what it really means??? For us? For our progress?

Pick one of these nice Posts, read the quote, go to your meditation-pillow and try to get the full range of this post. You may find more there than expected. You even might find an experience that changes your whole life.

Post this, not the “Like” or the “Heart.” And see how many people you help by doing this… (besides yourself).

I like this post… ❤️❤️❤️👍🏾
Let’s see the next…