Expect Miracles!

Have you ever had a miracle in your life? Many experience the birth of a child as a miracle. But what I’m talking about, are real miracles — unexplainable things, that can happen.
And I think, we all had events, where our mind still hasn’t found a reasonable explanation, although we are often too shy, to admit, that it was a miracle.

A miracle is something, that does not fit into your worldview and belief-system. It cannot be! But it is — what a beautiful dilemma.
So if we assume, that miracles are real and can happen, why don’t we expect them?

If we begin to have trust in miracles, our energy tells the universe: “Hey, here is one, who wants more miracles! Let’s make him happy.” And the universe will bless you with more and more miracles, and your life will be a miraculous one.

Imagine, what this means…

P.S.: I just saw a sticker: “I am realistic. I expect Miracles!” So cool…