Great Expectations.

Oh… Difficult topic… But let’s try to approach it…

Mom has definitely certain expectations. Behave in a certain way, be nice to people, save your money, don’t make the mistakes we did… we want you to be happy. (She just means it well).

The people in our environment have certain expectations. Live your life as we do, build a house, have kids, keep up to your friendships. Be successful, even outstanding, have a career, always come on time.

But what about your own expectations? Of course, you also expect others to behave in a particular manner. But the highest hurdle is placed on your expectations about yourself. It’s exceeding the expectations of all the others and adding some more expectations on to that.

Then, there is God: Keep the Ten Commandments, love your neighbor, go to church on Sunday and confess your sins, my child. Otherwise, I don’t love you anymore!!!

OK, the last statements are outdated. Modern-day spirituality got rid of most of it, although deep down in our unconscious some of it still remains. To unlearn the revengeful god of our childhood is hard…
But let me repeat it once again: God loves you no matter what. No expectations on his side! This is, why we call his love unconditional. Sounds unbelievable, but that’s the truth. Unconditional, indescribable, and he does it for free…

The robotic life

All these demands can degrade your life to the life of a robot. Like a machine, you process all the demands day in and day out. Oh, what a life.
Where are “You” in all of this? How about the freedom of your soul? Is spirituality the way to get rid of expectations?

It should be so! If God has no expectations, there is no need, that we have them. We are loved, what do we want more?

But let’s think about a life without expectations. I think, it’s like a heavy weight is lifted from our heart. We can finally be free!
Of course, we will continue to care about our family. Out of love, not out of duty. We go to work. Relaxed, because we view each task in a different light: We give each task all of our attention; out of the willingness to serve, out of the willingness to give our best; out of the possibility to have fun doing it and discover new things (even in the most boring activities.)

The will to approach things differently, in our own style, with an empty and open mind can lead to a life that can be called fulfilled. The robot is gone and each morning brings a new shining sun to be happy about…

It takes mindfulness, presence and inner work to reach this goal.
They say: “I don’t have expectations so I can’t be disappointed.” WRONG!
“I don’t have expectations because it frees me!”

I expect you to like this article! (LOL)