How to use a pendulum

Hey, I thought, this is a site about spirituality and awakening!? Why do we need to talk about pendulums?
The answer is easy: a pendulum (or a dowsing rod) will increase your intuition and psychic abilities. They are definitely NOT necessary for awakening, but they can help you on your journey.

Let me go a bit deeper here.
When you were born in this seeming body, you came with a set of tasks and problems, that you should solve. In other words, you had the idea that your spiritual growth depends on solving specific problems, like increasing your ability to love, finding your soulmate, etc. Also smaller things are on your agenda, like learning to say “no” more often, or how to develop self-esteem.

Maybe, you have already found out, that help is always available. Call it your spiritual guide (on the other side), call it your guardian angel, “someone” is there to help you. All you need do is ask and listen.
The process of asking and listening is very important for your development because it is so easy to get lost on your way.

And then there are these questions, where you are unable to see the right answer. And your intuition is just one of the many voices in your head. But which?

Here, a pendulum can be very helpful, because it translates the voice of your intuition into clear YES or NO answers. But a bit of training is necessary.

And here is how to use a pendulum.
At first, buy a pendulum you like. You should like its look and grip, and you should like working with it. You don’t need to invest in a super expensive crystal-pendulum with gold, silver and platinum applications.
A ring and a chain can be enough.

Always remember: Your pendulum does not work independently of you, it just catches your (subconscious) intuition, amplifies it, and makes it visible for you.

When I began working with a pendulum, I tested it on a simple deck of cards. I tried to find out the color (red or black) of the card on top of the pack. I got better and better, the more I exercised. But doing so, I realized two insights about the whole process:

My first 10 to 15 Answers of the pendulum were mostly wrong. In other words: you need to get into the flow of using your pendulum.
What do I mean by that? For me, the flow is getting calm, focussed, “thoughtless” and positive about the outcome. Confident, the answer would be correct.

And the second insight? The more I used the pendulum, the less I needed it. I already “heard” the answer in my mind (other people feel it or sense it; I hear…) And this is what I like training with a pendulum: You get clearer and clearer about your feelings and intuitions without the aid of external means!

Using a pendulum enhances your abilities to vibrate with the universe itself. You tune into its frequencies and learn the ability to listen to your inner guiding voice.
But always keep in mind: not every answer is correct, but the more you train, the more likely it will be right.

Have fun!