Let me discover you.

Let me discover You.

God. You know, that I’m still on my journey to You.
I try to hear your Voice, but it seems complicated – most of the time.
Although, I begin to understand, that only Your Voice leads me to you.

But Your Voice tells me to give up things, which have a high value in my life.
I have given the value, and I know, you see things differently.

So please, explain me more, in your sweet divine voice.
Explain to me the reasons why to give up all these things.
Explain to me, why only You matter, and not I.

Yes, I understand more and more the origin of this world.
We ourselves have made it, to play and experience.
We have found some happiness, some joy and even love in it.
But these states of being are only possible if the opposites are also in our world.

Yes, it is a world of duality, a world of joy and pain. And it seems that you can only have them both. And both block my way to you.

God, I am afraid to let go (and let God). I seem to have found a shelter, a harbor of peace and quietness, knowing, that all things change.
And I am still willing to hold on to that straw in the raging river of life.

Show me better ways. Show me, that nothing threatening will happen if I surrender to you. Show me, that Your way is the best way.
And show me, that I do not need to fear.
Show me, that You will hold me and guide me through the unknown land into thy kingdom.

I’m afraid. I’m so deeply afraid.