More LOA.

Let’s come back to the Law of Attraction.
Bluntly, it says, that you attract your reality, at any moment of your life.
That means that your conscious and unconscious beliefs built your experience, by day and night.

And of course, we wish to influence this process, by telling the universe (God, all-that-is, you name it) what we want.

So every wish has to become a deep knowledge of it’s coming realization on the physical plane into our reality.

So, how do we do this?
As we have already learned, we need to speak to the universe in the present tense. “I am rich” works, “I want to be rich” does not.
Although it seems to be contradicting our feeling.

The next ingredients of our alchemical process of creating are emotions.
You should pump up your vision of what you manifest with the emotion of joy, thankfulness, gratitude, and surety. Surety of the inescapable way (that you determine) your life will be.

My suggestion is now: measure the process.
Ask yourself: how likely will this happen (on a scale of 1 to 10).
“Do I really believe in the Law of Attraction?” (1-10)
“Do I believe, I can get rid of contradicting beliefs soon?” (1-10)
“When I add to each and every vision the phrase ‘This, or better’, would I believe this too?” (1-10)

Maybe, you want to develop a sheet, where you can see your progress over time. Where you check, which belief systems change in which direction.

And the most important thing is: stay playful. Give up the ‘because’, the ‘why’ you need all of this. There is only one ‘why’ –> You deserve it and are worthy of it (OK, that’s two.)

“Do I feel worthy of it?” (1 to 10)
“Do you feel worthy of 1B$?” (1 to 10)
You should, because even Trump feels worthy of it.

Love and blessings,