Here is my description of a mystic. Are you one?

Many people deem themselves mystics but to be honest, it’s not so easy. Especially in our busy world. It’s the permanent action anyone seems forced to follow, decisions to be made, food to be earned.

A mystic left the world while staying in it for some time and purpose. But it is not him chasing that purpose. Time goes on for him, the game of Lila is further played and everything is a teaching for us seekers.

So how do we become a mystic?

At first, you should want to become one!

Sounds easy? Simple life? No worries, no fear? True, but also no wishes, no drama, no expectations. We define life through categories like this and they bring us exactly this: worries and fear.

Let us approach being a mystic from a different point of view. Here are some characteristics:

  • A mystic is completely detached from the world. No wishes, no needs, no fear. He/She is fulfilled, lives life as it comes, unconditional.
  • A mystic knows God. I even dare to say he realized god, he left duality once and for all, there is no-one there anymore having a name. Only a body seems to walk around.
  • God (or whatever you want to call it) lives through the remaining body. No decisions. Only it, out of love.
  • The mystic stays in bliss and joy, no matter what. His body might suffer, get cancer, suffer pain. The mystic realizes this and stays unattached – unaffected.
  • The mystic will tell you: “the dream is over”. He will even tell you, that there never was a dream in the first place.
  • When the mystic speaks, he will fall into paradoxes, because this world and God is a paradox in its self!
  • What have mystics done in the past: They have appeared in two places at once, raised the dead (even themselves like Jesus), foretold the future, materialized things, or vanished in front of our eyes. Let’s be clear: This is NO achievement about this and never a sign of grandeur. Whatever happens, contradicting physics is done to your sake and yours alone! It happens through the mystic and he will never brag about it!

Unachievable. Almost. But we have to try!

This reminds me of my training in NLP: it’s either being motivated by going away from something negative or aiming towards something worth achieving.

But to read about all these things won’t push you anywhere. So I ask you the only necessary question: have you ever had a mystical experience? Even if only for some minutes?

They change your life, they lift you up, they make you speechless, THEY MAKE YOU NEVER FORGET: This is the goal, you can be that, you already are that! What are you looking for?

Let’s end with some quotes, and then: straight to your meditation cushion!

If God exists, not seeking God must be the gravest error imaginable. If one decides to sincerely seek for God and doesn’t find God, the lost effort is negligible in comparison to what is at risk in not seeking God in the first place.

Blaise Pascal

All time is wasted that is not spent in seeking God.

Lahiri Mahasaya

P.S: A good read about the state of enlightenment is the beginning of the book “The eye of the I” by Dr. David R. Hawkins. Priceless!