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Why second day delivery? On day one, you can read the message.
Take some time to think about it and what relevance this message has for your life.
Would you be willing to change something because of these ideas?
On day two, you can still ask yourself about the benefit of this message. Meditate about it.

Then try it in your life. Tell us your opinion and success in the comment-section!

Hi. My Name is Matt. I am a notorious ontologist, always curious to find out more about the process of awakening. Contact me for any questions!

Relax and learn how to meditate.

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My little blog…

Spirituality is work – and no-work.

It is quite hard, to define “Spirituality.” Meditation can be Spirituality. Yoga, too. Praying, going to church, a walk in nature, you name it.

When I approach it, I often say, that Spirituality is the hope for something better, higher, exalted — the quest for God himself. The search for answers, the desire for a better life, the ascension on the ladder of “spiritual achievements.” The struggle for peace (oh, I caught myself there:)) and finally: knowing it all and loving it all.

You see, spirituality is work: Do your regular meditation, forgive, pray, undo habits, old beliefs, let go of the past. Create the peace you want so desperately! Don’t wait until an angel from heaven touches your third eye and you’re free.

Hey: New definition! Spirituality shall set you free — freedom as extended, as possible.

And what about the no-work?
Just sit in silence. Be grateful. Thank God. Don’t be the change you want to see in the world: be the peace you want to give the world.
Be and smile. There is nothing more to do.


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