Seek Ye first the Kingdom

Seek ye first the Kingdom…

Hey, how spiritual are you really?

Going to church every Sunday? Doing daily meditations? Donating to charity on a regular basis?
Isn’t this enough?

Well, it depends.
The most important thing is that you keep your goal in mind. And for most of us, it is just to live a better life, be happy more often, see a purpose in all of this.

But honestly, this is not enough.

Jesus once said: “Seek ye first the Kingdom…”, and this is true for all kinds of spirituality and religions. This statement is one of the most important teachings he gave us because it means, that nothing is important at all – but “the kingdom” (the enlightenment, the awakening, the nirvana, you name it…).

You know that story from the Zen-Tradition, where the Master pushes the head of his student underwater, saying, that his wish for enlightenment has to be as big, as his desire for oxygen.

And be assured, you haven’t reached the kingdom just by taking refuge to Jesus. “The Kingdom is spread all over the earth, but people don’t see it.” So seeing the Kingdom has to be an eyeopener. It’s a vast experience, a life-changing event.

And people don’t see it, because, they always look at each other, and mostly on themselves. So turn your head towards heaven, and seek. “Seek, and you will find…”. 24/7.

Yes, our lives will improve by any kind of spirituality, but the goal is only “Heaven”. That’s the way of the mystic… see you in the woods…