Today, we come to a sad issue: self-love.
No one likes to admit, that he is/should love him- or herself. We immediately think of being arrogant, of being selfish, of being a narcissist.

And so, our parents and society tried their best, to avoid that self-love developed in us. “A man’s praise in his own mouth stinks.”
We were educated to be humble and adapt and not to speak too often about ourselves.

This all held us small, kept us from flourishing, of shining a bright light, because there are others that are better than me. Much better. So why self-love?

I could love myself when I’m a president of something, with a bank account of some hight, a person of public interest, a Hollywood star! But I’m neither of that. So why self-love?

All of the above mentioned has nothing to do with true self-love.
I’m not talking about pride or megalomania.
Self-love is pure acceptance of what I am. Remember my email about Anita Moorjani, when she spoke of “the magnificence” she was? This is, what I mean. Neutral, natural and innocent magnificence that we all inherit! Yes: we are that: magnificent!

But no one ever told us so!
There is a saying from Jesus in the Bible: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” (KJV, Mark 12:31), and Jesus considered this commandment as one of the two most important commandments!

And Christianity (like so often) got it wrong. Of course, we should do “our neighbors no harm,” but Jesus’ statement goes much deeper!

We should love everyone like ourselves – meaning: we are all equals. Everyone deserves the same “amount” of love (and when Jesus talks about Love, this amount is infinite). As well, as we deserve it! An infinite amount of Love for ourselves; from us and others. Wow. This must be Paradise!

But the quote tells us even more: the love, which we give (send, radiate, expand) to others can only result out of a deep and innocent Love for myself: as a divine being, as a master in the making, as a potential Buddha, as Me.

I’m worth being loved, and I should love myself, the best I can.
Self-love, self-acceptance, self-forgiveness go hand in hand. We always hope for deliverance from our “sins” and shortcomings from an outside source, be we can take care of our own deliverance.
Let’s free ourselves! We are divine! “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, “I said, Ye are gods?” (KJV, John, 10:31)
No mote of guilt and hatred can sully our divinity and magnificence.
If nothing else: this is one of the lessons we can learn from Anita Moorjani.
Dare to be magnificent! And shine out loud! And read this book: Self-Love. If you want.

I bless myself; I bless you!