Big trap, Big trap, … and I stepped into it…


In a conversation with my wife, the phrase "enjoying spirituality" came up. And we agreed somehow both, that we DO enjoy Spirituality. Reading all these books, listen to recorded seminars, watching spiritual content on Youtube.

Big trap, Big trap, … and I stepped into it…2018-12-13T20:06:27+01:00

The Facebook Spirituality


Yesterday I was surfing through some spiritual groups on Facebook. OK. You might say that Facebook is maybe the least spiritual place to be. But nevertheless, you can connect to sincere seekers and lovely people

The Facebook Spirituality2018-12-13T20:07:36+01:00

Seek Ye first the Kingdom


Seek ye first the Kingdom... Hey, how spiritual are you really? Going to church every Sunday? Doing daily meditations? Donating to charity on a regular basis? Isn't this enough? Well, it depends. The most

Seek Ye first the Kingdom2018-11-18T15:37:54+01:00