The biggest Mirror: The Universe

Certainly, you know these kinds of people: they smile almost all of the time, and almost everything they do seems to be a success. They seem to be happier than you, and it frustrates you. You think: “They have all reason to smile, because of their successes…”, but have you ever thought it might be the other way round? First the smile, then the success?

Let’s look at this from the perspective of the Law of Attraction. You attract to yourself (into your life) all that’s in your mind: your thoughts, your beliefs, your fears about something, etc.
In “A Course in Miracles” we read: “Projection makes perception” so it’s our subconscious radiation of all that we are that literally creates our universe and our direct environment.
In its conclusion, A Course in Miracles states: “Beware yourself of the temptation to perceive yourself as unfairly treated.” Everything, that happens to me, especially the seemingly bad things come ONLY from me. I create it. I attract and manifest it. No one else is to blame (although we do precisely this).

In other words, the universe is a big mirror that reflects everything of me. Everything. My suppressed fears and hatred, my aversions and judgments. I even project on other people my character traits, that I don’t like: “Mr. XYZ is sooo arrogant… I can’t stand him.” But what about your own arrogance? Would you consider yourself to be like that? On the surface: NO, but if you dig deeper, you will find it. 100%.

And here the circle closes: Our happy and successful fellows that I mentioned at the beginning of the article follow the one big law: If you want the mirror to smile, you have to smile first.

Now you might object, that smiling in your specific situation is not that easy. And smiling about failures, disappointments, and losses (etc.) is very difficult. In conventional thinking you are right, but remember what we learned about victimhood: It’s only you and no one else that is the creator of what you call fate.

OK. But how to escape this vicious circle?
Well: Smile! Just sit down and smile.
Smile away your pain and frustration, smile away your shortcomings and fears and take your life back into your hands. Claim your right to be happy, fulfilled and successful by showing the mirror exactly what you want.

Think about, what a smile proclaims:
I’m happy. I accept. I am strong. I am the director of the movie I call life.
Nothing can harm me (it’s just a movie – it really is!), and I enjoy it!

But smile honestly, lovingly and from the depth of your heart. Smile forgivingly, especially to yourself! Step out of the biggest turmoil and smile to see the storm calming. Let smiling become your daily meditation! Continuously. And I promise you: the universe will smile back!

Love, smiles, and blessings!