The Facebook Spirituality

Yesterday I was surfing through some spiritual groups on Facebook.
OK. You might say that Facebook is maybe the least spiritual place to be. But nevertheless, you can connect to sincere seekers and lovely people there and have friendly conversations that influence your thinking as well.

The Question many people were discussing about was: “If you want to get rid of only ONE thing on this planet – what would it be?”
Many many answers were given, ranging from “Hatred” to “Selfishness” or to “The Moon” (I don’t know, what the writer meant…)

I wrote a comment, that if we reject anything we experience, we still have an attachment to this earth. We are still caught in the “good” or “bad” thinking and don’t transcend all things, which will lead us to enlightenment. Everything is neutral. But this a high point of view, not easy to understand in mainstream spirituality (and I don’t judge that!). It is like it is.

When I looked a little later at the list, I saw it growing and growing. More and more phrases were added. And I felt angry about this. Why don’t they see this??? What’s wrong with them? This is a group about spiritual enlightenment! What is going on here?

But then I realized, that I was projecting. Projecting the things, that I don’t want in me on other people. And I saw: “Yes, I too want to get rid of hatred (in me).” or “Yes, I too want to get rid of Selfishness (that is also still in me).”

Wow. That was a shock, but it gave me a good forgiveness lesson: I can forgive myself to have hateful thoughts, selfishness thinking, and so on.

That’s why Facebook can help you on your spiritual path. But you have to look closely and listen to your inner voice.

And I love the moon so much… Please keep him…