The Law of Attraction

I know you think that the Law of Attraction (LOA) is already covered enough. So many books were written about it, so many DVDs produced, so many masters channeled. Whether you are a practitioner of the LOA or a complete denier of it, it doesn’t matter. Because I believe in it and I have seen it work!

The best example is my wife, who manifested me… Really!
She imagined and attracted me with a great intention… and suddenly, I was there.

If you try to follow the LOA to its roots, you will discover, that it was already known in ancient India. In the Old Testament, we read: “As a man thinketh, so is he…”, a 2500-year-old sentence!

Then the great philosophers and religious leaders of the middle ages focussed more on other topics, like burning witches or freeing Jerusalem, totally misunderstanding the phrase “You shall love your brother…” (Jesus meant all people, no matter what origin or religion!).

Then in the late 19th century, it began to dawn to some thinkers, that it might be true, nevertheless.

Charles Haanel: “The Masterkey-System”, Napoleon Hill: “Think, and grow rich.” and others made it more and more famous. But if you think of our modern science-dominated times, the good old LOA is still only known to 10-15% of the people (at least, I guess so), and only 10% of this 10 % really use it on a daily basis.

So there are some questions you should ask yourself:
1)  Do you believe in the LOA? Why yes, why no?
2)  Why are you not consistently using it on a daily basis?

Is there still a block in you? Are there still thoughts and beliefs blocking you from succeeding? Is it, because you wanted to manifest a parking lot in front of the supermarket, and it didn’t work?

3) How strong would you rate your belief in the LOA on a scale from 0 to 10? If you want to work with it, you should at least have a seven!

Maybe, you find some time today, to ask yourself these questions. It gives you deep insights into your belief system about the universe and your role in it. We are still blocked by many obstacles to fully accept it.

And here another exercise:
Sit in a quiet room and meditate a bit about the LOA. What thoughts come up? What feelings? What did your father say, when you were five years old? Take a journal and write about it and try to rate your objections. We will work with them later…

And as always:
Love and blessings…