The Law of Attraction 2

Today, we get a bit philosophical.
In the last email, we spoke about the Law of Attraction and possible objections against it. I hope, you could gain deep insights answering these questions. Maybe you could even get rid of some old beliefs, that you really don’t need anymore…  “MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”… O.M.G. But we will focus on these issues in a later email.

Back to philosophy.
In its essence, the Law of Attraction says: “What I believe in, manifests.” Especially, if I do not doubt it. For example, I believe, that the sun will rise tomorrow morning again. I have no proof, nothing but my experience, that it will do so. I have no idea, what would happen if anyone could take this belief (I even call it knowing) from me. Would it stop rising? Would I die?
But luckily there are so many other people on that planet, who believe in it too, so we can relax… for now…

So, the collectivity of humanity seems to believe in this, and so it happens. Or it happens independently from our human interferences. This would mean, we were cast in a world, where we can influence some things (like parking lots), but not others (sunrise).
But why do we call LOA then a universal Law? Universal means for everything, even the sunrise.

To make a long story short, I believe, the LOA IS universal and that all of this world (and universe) came into existence through LOA.
We have the power to create universes! This is what LOA implicates.

And now, the first Christians among us leave this Newsletter… No, please stay! I did not say I am God and I did not say, Jesus never existed (in fact, he has), I did not say I am God-like, etc. Please give me another chance and stay… Jesus was one of the greatest sages that ever lived, and we will cover him in another mail

Nevertheless, we have the power to create universes! I once tried it, it didn’t work… but I’m on it… LOL
But because of the multitude of beliefs on this planet (and probably on other planets too), our power is factually a bit smaller. Enough for parking lots and other cool stuff

But now I think, this was enough for an email… Lots of strange thoughts of a strange guy,  that wants to make the world a better place by sending out emails.

But now imagine this: what would you do, if you really had the power to create a universe? Who were you, if you had this power? What would you use it for? And what would all the other powerful creators around you want? The same?

Wow. This is not easy to digest…, I know.
And maybe, I’m completely wrong…
But always remember, there is something between heaven and earth that is not understandable to the human mind. We call is mystical, because we have no better word for it. And we all love the mystical. And we will uncover it. Until our words reach their limit and only our hearts can go further…

As always:
Love and blessings: