The Miracles of Ho’oponopono

Since the book of Joe Vitale (“Zero Limits”) the name Ihaleakale Hew Len (or just Dr. Hew Len) is well known in the wide field of Spirituality. He used a simple method that he learned from the old tradition of Hawaiian Ho’oponopono to cure a complete ward of criminally insane patients–without ever seeing any of them.

It sounds incredible, but the facts are proven. But how did he do it? What was his secret?

In the view of Dr. Hew Len, the problems of all the inmates were also his problems. But not so much as being a good doctor for them and providing them with necessary medical and psychological help. Those criminals were his problem, because “they entered his awareness”: He began to work in the hospital, so they were part of his reality.

As he began to work in the hospital, but he did not work with the patients, but on himself. And as he worked on himself, the inmates healed.

Slowly the conditions in the hospital improved. Shackled patients were allowed to walk free; medication could be reduced or stopped at all. And also the working conditions in the hospital got better and better. Nurses and Doctors surprisingly began to enjoy working there.

Sometime later, the hospital closed. The inmates were healed, and there was no more necessity for this hospital. (Imagine that!)

But how can we explain this? Was Dr. Hew Len a spiritual healer? Did he have magic powers rarely found on this planet?
No. He was an ordinary guy, but with an exceptional view of the world.

His attitude: “When I see a problem, it is not just someones’ problem, it is as well mine.” So he works only with his self – and things in the outer world dissolve (or heal).

This means taking full responsibility for your life and everything that is connected with it. The problem is not in them, but in you and can only be healed there.

OK. Let’s all take a deep breath… Criminal inmates healed by Ho’oponopono… But let’s dive deeper.

The philosophy behind all of this is: “There is no out-there.” The world is an illusion. Or as “A Course in Miracles” phrases it: “Projection makes perception.” First, I put something “out” into the world (projection), then I perceive it. And what do I project? All the things that I don’t like in me. I get rid of them by abandoning them. But if there is no world out there – they still stay within me.

And what did Dr. Hew Len exactly do, when he healed himself (and the inmates in the Hawaii State Hospital)?
He sat over each file, read about the patient (without seeing him) and said:

“I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.”

The four phrases of Ho’oponopono. To make it clear, this is not the only contribution this old Hawaiian tradition has to give. But probably the most popular and easy one to use.

So let’s look for practical applications.

Have you ever had a person in your life, that seems to hate you for no reason? You have never spoken negatively with or about him/her, nor done any harm. You’re not in a competitive situation or spoke behind his/her back.

Maybe it’s karmic: a connection from a former lifetime. Or you remind that person of someone, who really did something evil. Nevertheless. It doesn’t matter why; the fact is: you are hated:

My suggestion: sit down on your meditation pillow and start: “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” Over and over again. Use it as a mantra while seeing this person!
Maybe for days. Maybe longer.

But begin to observe how the situation changes. At first only a bit. But then more and more. I have done it myself: and it works!!!

Here are some other application areas:
x Any person, you still hold a grudge from the past.
x Your parents in general, and what they did or did not to you.
x Your shortcomings (i.e., impatience, greed, etc.)
x Your boss. Does he really like you? Need a salary increase?
x All your wrong decisions in life. All your “ifs” and “whens”.

When you do Ho’oponopono, you radiate forgiveness, you radiate the will to heal situations. You also declare that peace and harmony are among your highest values.

For deeper insights, I recorded this video: