The unbound Self

The cause of suffering is that the unbounded Self is overshadowed by the world. (Patanjali)

The unbound Self. A powerful phrase.
Have you ever met someone with an “unbound Self?” Hardly. But they exist. In every culture, in every nation in every religion and beyond.
They are our only hope of salvation because they prove it. They are the living example of what life is meant to be. They challenge us through their existence to try ourselves to “unbound” us… Step by step, consciously, willingly and most important steadily.

The Unbound teach us, that every bondage is self-inflicted. We chose to be un-free. And why? Because we were always told how small we are, and that we are unable to make a difference. Not a difference in the world. This is unimportant. But a difference in our thinking or better: non-thinking. Thoughts are bondage too! Our belief in our frail body: bondage. Our belief in this universe: bondage.
The knowledge of being pure Love: here we meet Patanjali himself in his grandeur… Welcome, my old friend.