What is channeling? Seven important qualities of channeled messages.

Do you know the feeling, that you’ve heard a voice in your head telling you something? Not the normal voice, of which you claim that this is you? A slightly different voice, coming out of nowhere but seeming to have some wisdom and advice? Is this channeling, and if yes: what is channeling?

What if this voice “was given” you by an unknown entity “from the other side”? Some say this might be your guarding angel, maybe a late relative from heaven, or even an ascended master, an angel, Jesus or the Holy Spirit himself. But you know one thing for sure: This voice wasn’t you.

I believe, everyone has these kinds of moments. And if we were able to listen more often (and carefully), we would have fruitful conversations with our friends “on the other side.”

The other side?

But first: let me tell you, that there is no “other side.” We draw the distinction about us here and them there. But who separated the two worlds? Of course, we’ve been told, that earth and heaven are separated, and our goal is to end up in the later one.

But if you listen to the mystics of all ages, they acknowledge only the “mind” or “consciousness” as the true reality of everything. All that we experience and perceive is within. Even our bodies.

So if there is nothing that parts (or disjoins) the realms of existing a channeling – or the receiving of messages from “the unseen” is simply a conversation that we allow to happen in our mind. And only in our mind – “within.”

And now the critics show up: “These are thoughts, nothing else. Produced by your brain – an instance of your subconscious.”

But what if messages seem to come through, that contain facts unknown to the channeler (or medium) revealing even wisdom of a “higher kind”?!
And this exactly is, what mediums do: they quiet themselves and open up (and allow) wisdom and knowledge to come in and through them.
They are no more special than us but in their ability to allow.

Some mediums stay conscious while channeling, some others fall into a kind of trance and hardly remember, what they said. Some mediums focus on late relatives, while others channel higher beings (ascended masters, angels, extraterrestrials, etc.) or even Jesus himself.

The big question is always: Can we trust them?

I listened and read many channeled messages, and my conclusion is:
You can trust them if the information given contains these seven qualities.

(1) The message is positive. It should not cause you fear or anxiety. It lifts you up, raises your hope of a better life and strengthens you in your spiritual faith.

(2) Channeled information of higher beings rarely contains predictions of what will happen.  So if you hear about the coming doomsday: smile, run, and ask for your money back.

(3) The Medium is trustworthy in its appearance, and the fee is reasonable.
Some psychics will surround them with candles, holy smokes, and pictures of the lost city of Atlantis, but if you draw positive information FOR YOU out of this – let them use their magical utensils. It helps them build up the connection.

(4) You get information that only you could know. I saw sessions of mediums, where late relatives “showed up,” giving names of themselves and other family members, describing unsolved issues or answering questions and making the farewell of the deceased person much more bearable. Healing was suddenly possible within the family.

(5) You might hear about Atlantis, Aliens undermining our society, the future of humanity and other things. But question yourself: how do you feel about hearing this? No one can tell if these messages are correct, but if they don’t improve your daily life, I don’t find them helpful at all. The main question is always: where is help for my spiritual path; specific and reliable advice, not romantic (or dramatic) visions of Lalaland.

(6) Messages between different channels may differ and even contradict each other. But keep in mind, that these “downloads” are often also meant for different people in various stages of their spiritual development. The bestseller author Neale Donald Walsh seems to communicate directly with “God.” But the channeled book “A Course in Miracles” reveals a non-dual teaching that makes this kind of communication impossible. Both writings are true on their own accord: Without Neales’ book, I would not have come close to “A Course in Miracles,” so it helped me much on my development and prepared me for more profound insights.

(7) Channeled revelations are often colored by the mind giving it. Helen Schucman, the scribe of “A Course in Miracles”, was a professional psychiatrist. No wonder that the word “ego” and other psychological terms are used very often. This need not be of concern. It is still not her mind making this all up. (If you have read the book, you know what I mean).
It fits my argument that some channelings are meant for a specific group of people, while others are attracted to other mediums/revelations.

All in all: Give channeling a chance and read channeled books that look attractive to you. Question the message; try to feel the message and the truth behind it. If you feel nothing at all: keep on looking for other material.

Love and blessings.